Natura Cabañas

Boutique Hotel & Spa
Right on the shore of a hidden beach, where you can sleep to the calming sound of the sea, is our 12-cabana boutique hotel & spa. Each stands out for its individualistic architecture and décor, giving a unique experience to every guest. Designs include traditional palm thatched roofs and richly decorated interiors using wood, shells, and different stones. All cabanas have terraces, comfortable couches, and/or hammocks, where you can disconnect to reconnect. With the vibrant town of Cabarete only a few miles away, our guests are spoiled for choice when it comes to special activities such as surfing etc…

Our property offers two restaurants, both of them are located by the sea. Karaya Restaurant, the day restaurant, serves nutritious and balanced breakfasts, and a variety of delicious, healthy lunches. Natura Restaurant opens at dusk for dinner only and is managed by our international chef. Guests who dine at our restaurants enjoy their aperitifs while listening to the soothing sound of the sea, with waves crashing against the rock formations providing the crescendos. Many of the ingredients, used in both restaurants come from our organic vegetable and herb garden. We also offer cooking classes to those wishing to expand their knowledge on healthy cooking. The classes adapt to the wants and needs of each client. Our restaurants are available for special events and the cooking classes can be reserved for a group activity.

We highly value the benefits of meditation, yoga and other holistic movements. As a result, we have our own open air Yoga Temple where guests and visitors can enjoy different classes throughout the week including yoga, pilates, and biodanza.

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